Anger management for children

Some helpful articles about anger and aggresssion I’ve read lately.


nonviolent communication

found this really helpful

Parenting for Social Justice: Non Violent Communication


practical tips for a calm down corner

How to Create the Perfect Calm-Down Corner


interesting look at anger and the brain

How Does Anger Happen in the Brain?


Videos and Gideon Neufield

This one made me cry today amongst our struggles…


I like this website and I really like this man… Not full of answers but so insightful.

Some ones that have some decent ideas (not really altogether new but I like the idea of clapping hands)



Found this on youtube and also deeply resonates with me.


Don’t Judge!

Woah, I just feel like I’ve had my mind blown by this article



I really enjoyed this piece about vaccines.  Doesn’t really answer questions but it does raise some interesting points.


interesting article on toilet learning


I like this lady’s vibe

Found a link on that Ben Irwin site.  Very interesting!


The least of these

V, thank you so much for this amazing blog suggestion and this blog post.  Genuinely had me in tears.  So beautiful and often thoughts I’ve thought myself but not really tied into the bible yet.