Been thinking so much about this lately, and remembered this infographic I saw a while ago.

I often worry that some of the research I read goes against my “theology” and I think when I first read this I was worried about that.  I’ve changed my mind so much about it now though and I realise that some of the things we are finding out about our psychologies/bodies (ie- the way we were created) should be causing us as Christians to inspect more closely some of the decisions we’ve made in the past, instead of be offended.  Hard to do I think if you’ve already been spanking… but still necessary.   It’s funny because the idea of spanking was so deeply entrenched in me that I didn’t even realise that it went directly against my firm belief that problems shouldn’t be resolved by violence.

Just happened upon this interesting character in my search for that infographic.  So far I like him.  He has a book that looks nice.

He also wrote this


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