I liked this article

Sometimes you read something and bits keep coming back to you.  I really liked this article




I think it’s because I sometimes underestimate my role as a mother.  We’re so central in our families and we don’t often give ourselves the credit (or break or worth) we deserve.  I was thinking that I should really start seeing myself as more important than I do.

I also like the bit about the yesses and nos.  Growing up I remember so many moms saying angry yesses, and doing the endless-martyr thing at the expense of their attitudes.  My own mom was very prone to saying “yes” or “maybe” or “later” because she hated saying no, but it always ended in tears because she often couldn’t keep her word.  I really want to be someone who can say no when I mean it and yes with an open heart.


Also saw this today and thought it was truly lovely




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